In Your Own Words

Chance Methodology Project in collaboration with Raquel Scoggin. Promotion cards and Website/Blog

Project Goals

We are all familiar with the cardinal rule “never judge a book by its cover.” Living in the age of social media makes it difficult to obey this rule. Anyone can edit, crop, and post an unflattering photo of an establishment. These posts often frame a message that communicate a faulty opinion that is often backed up by prejudice and profiling. Navigating a flood of negativity on the net can be exhausting. It silences many positive voices; making the discovery of genuine reviews, scarce.

“In Your Own Words” seeks to restore balance to stereotyped locations in Metro Detroit. It does this by eliminating anxieties and preconceived notions.

Project Concept

To aid “In Your Own Words,” we designed cards that illustrate various stereotyped establishments and places of interest in Detroit.

To increase engagement, we asked people to submit an honest anecdote or picture, and choose tags that can cover a vast range of questions a one might have about that location.

The core of this concept is to create an inexpensive solution to an expansive problem. This project isn’t just about getting individuals to experience new and unique places in Metro Detroit. It is about the domino effect of good and honest talk surrounding these places. We aim to increase the projected growth in audience diversity, shared culture, and foot traffic that will be brought to the often negatively judged city.